Loire Wellness - Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Loire Pharmaceuticals LLP is marketing and selling a herbal food supplements, under the brand name of LOIRE WELLNESS. Loire wellness products are prepared in accordance with herbal, ayurvedic, Tibetan and naturopathy principles and practices. The products of Loire Wellness brand are neither a therapeutic or prophylactic medicine nor is it intended to replace any medicine prescribed to the consumers for treatment of any condition. Loire wellness brand product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

The manufacturer and suppliers have taken due care in manufacturing, processing, packing and transportation of Loire wellness brand products as per law applicable in the concerned jurisdiction and Loire wellness brand products must be taken only after consulting a qualified professional who is licenced to provide medical advice in concerned jurisdiction and any effect or side effect of Loire wellness brand products will solely depend upon the physiological and metabolical conditions of the individual consumer and manner of consumption/usage of the product.

All customers purchasing or consuming Loire wellness brand Product agree to accept full responsibility for any results experienced from using it and All customers purchasing or consuming Loire wellness brand products acknowledge that these statements and the product have not been evaluated by the FDA or other authorties. The manufacturer, suppliers, distributors and sellers of Loire wellness brand Products will not be held responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever and the courts in Delhi shall have sole jurisiction on any dispute of any nature.