Loire Wellness - About Us

Loire wellness is an initiative of Loire Pharmaceuticals LLP. Loire wellness focuses on Holistic Healing and aims for rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul to give Optimization of Well-being.

Loire wellness has introduced a range of products, which are starting from Detoxification of body, boosting immunity, improving digestion and support for Heart wellness. Loire Wellness has natural cough syrup with power of Ivy leaf.

Products of Loire Wellness have been chosen after intensive market survey among the consumers who are constantly in search of and looking for HOLISTING HEALING with rejuvenation of mind, body and soul and not only focusing on treatment of ailments.

LOIRE Wellness Products are well thought combination of ancient traditional Ayurveda and Herbal supplement formulations using modern time technology to give tested formulations of supplements for a variety of health related ailments including Liver related issues, Indigestion, acidity & gas, Low Immunity, Heart related issues, cold, cough, thus helping customers around the globe in maintaining their vital health.

Loire wellness products are manufactured at Plants with strict adherence to the GMP norms. All our products are made of Natural Herbs. While formulating the product Herbal Extract has been used to achieve the maximum potency of the Herbs.